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Here you will find all the documentation on Vizzcode

Hello, there!

We're glad that you are interested in learning programming using Vizzcode.
Programming is an incredible skill that's present everywhere. Video games, robots, apps, websites, cars, rockets, and much more. The limit is only your imagination.
By learning how to program, you will develop problem-solving, logic and abstract skills that are very useful even if you don't become a professional software developer.
We're going to help you journey in this incredible world of creation in a fun and productive way. We put a lot of care in every aspect of your experience, so we hope you really enjoy it!

- Tiago and Daniel Zaidan

Vizzcode: Your best friend to learn programming

Vizzcode is a programming environment, that combines visual-based programming, text-based programming and embedded tutorials; all simultaneously to help you leverage the best tools for every job. With Vizzcode, you will learn everything from the very basics of programming, all the way to big and complicated projects - empowering you to use programming to solve your (and other people's) problems or simply create something awesome! :)

About this documentation

This documentation is divided into sections to help you find whatever you need in no time.
You can also use the search bar in the left menu.
This documentation is also available in Portuguese, if you prefer.

The Getting Started page will help you installing and opening Vizzcode for the first time. It will also give you an overall introduction to its interface and basic functionality.
My First Program is where you will find the basics of programming in Vizzcode, everything to help you understand what makes up a computer program! There's also a Troubleshooting and Distributing page to give you additional knowledge on programming. From there, you can learn about Transforming Data which is the heart of every program and also learn about Interactive Programs to complete your basic programming skills.

With that, you can access several Programming Exercises across all skills levels, with hints and directions on specific topics or dive right into Making Games - if you are up to the challenge! ;)

The next section of the documentation focuses on explaining important concepts you will find when using Vizzcode or learning about programming in general. You will find information about Declarations (and more details on Procedures and Variables), Statements (with a dedicated page on Flow Control) and Expressions.

Then, you will find details on how to use the various Libraries that come with Vizzcode. They can help make your programs by providing procedures that solve specific problems. You can learn everything about the Print, IO, Random and (of course!) the Game Engine libraries.

In the last section of the documentation, you will find links to the Complete Tutorials available right inside Vizzcode. They are step-by-step guides to building your programs in Vizzcode - full of images, videos and links to specific parts of the documentation. If you already know the basics of programming and want to dive right in Vizzcode, focusing mainly on what makes it special, you can go straight to the Quick Start tutorial. The Introduction to Programming is a series of tutorials that will explain everything you need to know from the very basics, all the way to creating awesome programs by yourself! There are also tutorials full of Programming Exercises that will help you in the learning process. Lastly, there are are several tutorials on Programming Games that will take everything you learned and apply it to create incredible video games!

We hope you enjoy your stay and find it very valuable!
Happy vizzcoding! :)